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Grass Valley T2 iDDR - HD
    Intelligent Digital Disk Recorder
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T2 Product Brochure.pdf

T2 User Manual - Workstation Mode SP2.pdf

Import File Formats SP2.pdf
AVCHD File Conversion
Canopus Playback Codecs

The T2 is perfect for playing multiple SD/HD video clips during a live event. Accurate cueing is much easier than traditional decks or DVD players. Secondly the T2 can be used as an SD/HD recorder at the same time it is being used as a dual channel player. KnightPro's T2 is equipped with 2x320gb RAID-0 striped hard drives. This option allows for 9 hrs of recording when set to record at full 1920x1080p 150Mb/s resolution recording and 25 hrs at SD 50Mb/s.

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Sony DSR-1500A DVCAM Deck
    with SDI/Firewire/Component/Composite Inputs
KnightPro's DSR-1500's include all upgrade options including SDI input board, AES Audio, Firewire I/O, and standard Component and Composite I/O.
  • Includes DSBK-1501 SDI/SDTI/AES/EBU
    interface option board
  • Includes DSBK-1504 analog input interface board
  • DVCAM and DV Format Recording Capable
  • PCM Digital Audio
  • Playback Compatibility with DV (25 Mbps) Formats
  • Triple-positioning Cassette Compartment
  • Compact Half-Rack Size
  • i.LINK IEEE 1394 Connection Standard
    • Frame Accurate Editing
    • Audio Level Control
    • Full Range of Standard Analog Outputs
    • VITC Time Code
    • Built-in Signal Generator
    • Closed Caption
    • Control S Interface
    • Universal AC Powering System
    • Auto Repeat Function
    • RS-422A


  • Digital Slow Motion and Jog Sound

DSR-1500a on

Resource Downloads:
DSR-1500 Product Brochure.pdf

Sony DVCAM Family Brochure.pdf

DSR-1500a User Manual.pdf

T2 iDDR Configuration:
1 SD/HD input, 2 SD/HD outputs

Video Input
Format Support Types: High-definition, standard-definition
Connections: SD/HD SDI, analog component (Y-Pb-Pr), DVI-I, composite
Recording Format: HQ, 4:2:2
Bit Rate: Up to 200 Mb/s
Resolutions SD/Frame Rate: 720x486/29.97, 720x576/25
Resolutions HD/Frame Rate: 1920x1080i/29.97 or 25 1280x720p/59.94 or 50

Audio Input/Output
Analog Audio:
2 channels, XLR connections

AES/EBU (2 channels), BNC connections Embedded audio on SDI, HD or SD (8 channels)
Recording Format: 24-bit, PCM, 48 kHz sampling (20-bit PCM for SD-SDI)

Video Outputs
Format Support Types: High-definition, standard-definition, computer
Connections: SD/HD SDI, analog component (RGB or Y-Pb-Pr), DVI-I, composite
Recording Format: Canopus HQ, 4:2:2
Bit Rate: Up to 200 Mb/s per channel
Resolutions SD/Frame Rate: 720x486/29.97, 720x576/25
Resolutions HD/Frame Rate: 1920x1080i/29.97 or 25, 1920x1080p/59.94 or 50, 1920x1080p/psf/24 or 23.98, 1280x720p/59.94, 50, 24, 23.98
Computer Resolutions: 1280x1024, 1024x768, 800x600, 640x480

Connections: Gigabit Ethernet, USB 2.0, VGA
Storage Capacity: Approx. 9 hours of HD @ 150 Mb/s, 25 hours of SD @ 50 Mb/s
Bit Rate: Up to 200 Mb/s per channel

Dimensions: 21.6x16.9x5.5 in. Weight: 33 lbs